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If you want to print of your own business cards and labels we are currently researching the best places to get free software for just that very purposeBookmark this page and check back  shortly for our new website

Presentations on paper is your link to paper and stationary products and software for printing business cards and labels,

You may have been sent here from a website address on the cover of a pack of labels you purchased from some of the many stationary shops  loke staples, ryman, artstore, stationary shop and many other retail stationary shops.
if so we hope we can help. whether you are looking to print business cards or labels for your business we hope we can fill in the blanks for you.

Business Cards

There are usually two kinds of business cards available for self printing. These are usually described as straight Edge or Perforated. If you want a professional looking result then strait edge is the better of the two finishes. The next most important thing is the weight of the card, anything less than 180 g/m2  is …

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So where is this software?

You may have been sent to this page looking for software for your Labels or business cards like I was. As of Today 23/09/2013 you will not just get a blank page instead I have aquired the domain and I fully intend to put all the information I can on these pages to help you …

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